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I Remember...

Each day at twilight I remember you,
Your star still shines above,
Filling my heart with sadness,
Gratefulness and love.

Your triumph burst upon the earth,
Unwavering trust led you home,
A downy bed became your berth,
Proof the night is long,

I remember you when sunshine hides my shadow,
And when cotton fields are white with bloom,
When frost falls on the pumpkin,
And grass is wet with morning dew.

I remember you when nighttime falls,
And stars come out to play,
The little dipper winks at me,
And morning is on its way.

I remember you at noontime,
When the plowshare sounds its tone,
Dinner is on the table,
The anvil quiets its drone.

Shattering slumber's dream,
The scream of a train whistle,
Memories awaken and softly drift,
Light and airy as the down of a thistle.

When that bugle blows taps,
When my final sun is down,
I'll still remember you,
In my heart you wear a crown.

Each day at twilight I remember you,
How just, how warm your heart beats free,
In that land beyond the blue,
I know one day you'll welcome me.

 2000 LaVonne Boruk

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