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One More Day...

Artwork by Metcalf
Midi is Childs Dream

One more day to enjoy the sunshine, the roses and their thorns;
The arid days of summer, cold and snowy winter morns;
Leaves that fall upon the ground and clutter up my pristine lawn;
The freshness of the dew, cares that come with each new dawn.

Rain that falls upon my fresh new hairdo leaving it a mess;
Ink spots from my writing that spoil my newest Sunday dress;
The wrinkles on my face I've earned by laughing loud and long;
Pleasures of this world make me feel like bursting into song.

Lightning prancing, dancing through midnight's darkened sky
Thunderclaps so loud, no stars or moon beaming in my eye;
Wake me from my slumber, and ruin my lovely dream;
An oarsman in the water, I've lost my paddle in midstream.

Each new day I treasure though it scurries much too fast;
From sunrise, noon to glorious sunset, it doesn't seem to last;
Though it may be filled with worry, sorrow, woe and strife;
I thank you for it, Lord; it is filled with beauty, love, and life.

(c)2001 LaVonne Boruk

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