Walk Softly...

Artwork by Butler
Midi Teach Your Children

Walk softly,
like windchimes tickled by a gentle breeze.
Don't tarnish the beauty of love's verdant forest,
Nor tramp heavy so that a dead leaf emits
one crackle of complaint
Not all trees are hard wood and they bleed when injured
Leave your signature in the scent of the magnolia's
indelible ink.

Surround yourself in kind thoughts and good deeds.
Don't wait for tomorrow for winners,
start early and stay late,
Gaining no more than their honest labor's due
And accepting no less than the truth.

Discard magnified rumors like yesterday's
leftover coffee.

Walk softly through life's jungle, and pay attention
To the way a gentle breeze makes music.
Tread softly and listen to the chimes of the wind

Awake in the morning with a smile on your face
And cause no one to shed a tear or be sad.

Do not yell, but speak softly if you wish me to hear
I am not deaf, I only listen to words of kindness
For there are no others worth repeating.

(c)LaVonne Boruk 2001

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